Become a member of the Federation

Why become a member ?

By becoming a member, you get access to all the services provided by the Federation (getting news from the Federation, getting a ranking, possibility to play Go tournaments, teaching courses, etc.) and moreover you contribute also to the development of Go (material, advertising, organisation of activities...). Last but not least, it is possible to buy a goban and/or a stones set at a reduced price (via your club).

How become a member ?

You simply become a member of the Federation if you're also a member of an affiliated Belgian Go club.
You need to pay the membership fee of the Federation + the membership fees of the local club (if any) and get registered.
Please ask your club president.

Membership fee amount

The go club asks for a membership fee, of which a part is your membership fee for the Belgian Go Federation, the other part being a specific fee for the club (varying from one club to another, between 0€ to 10€, usually around 5 €).
Each year, the amount of the membership fee is decided at the Annual General Meeting.

Since 2023, the membership fee to become member of the Belgian Go Federation until the end of year is 20 EUR, or half-price 10 EUR if you register for the first time and during the last 3 months of the year

It is possible to become a member of the Federation while not being a member of a Belgian go club. Then you have to pay 30 € the membership fee (20 €) + a small Federal "virtual club" fee (10 €) onto the BGF account IBAN : BE24-7755-9621-2238 BIC (SWIFT code): GKCCBEBB.