Promotional and pedagogy

On this page you should find useful guides for your Go activities and useful tools to download


    If you want to organize any Go related activity (promotional event, create a new club...) please check related info in this site (Federation menu in particular) and don't hesitate to notify the board for any question or advice. The Federation is there to make the link between players, help organization of activities, provide advice and adequate material...


  • Presentation of Go (history, culture)
  • Articles published in French in "Chine Actuelle", vulgarization of Go for the Belgian-Chinese association
    • Go From China to worldwide / Go Abyssal simplicity / Go Pedagogy year 2019
    • Go Wisdom becomes artificial / Go Paradoxal / Go Endgame year 2020
    • Go Culture / Go Extreme resilience / Go Easy / Go a Wargame year 2021
    • Go Material / Go Blind / Go Philosophy year 2022
    • Go, Sex and Drug / Go Quizz / Go and Time / Go and IA year 2023
  • Advertising for Go stand
  • Advertising posters for clubs to adapt
  • Pedagogy

  • The rules
  • Go levels
  • Go concept pictures
    • Pictures to illustrate Go strategic concepts (territory, captures, sente, etc.) in English
  • Guide for initiation in Go
  • Guide for Go Analysis (for self-improvement as well as for teaching)
  • Guide for Go Teaching
  • Guide for Go Club animation
  • Useful material

  • Kifus
  • Tournament organization and material

  • Tournament organization
  • Material for tournament organization
  • Available promotional material (on demand)

    • magnetic goban (big 19*19 board and small 9*9 board)
    • 9*9 (front) - 13*13 (back) goban
    • 9*9 goban out of paperboard (to be freely given)
    • exercices cards
    • business cards
    • Chinese paintings to decorate
    • laptop, beamer and screen: only if the board of administration decides the place is secure enough