Promotional material available

Before everything, if you want to organize a promotional event, please notify the board. We can provide useful material and create a piece of news for our website frontpage.

You can download here some useful documents


  • Presentation of Go (history, culture)
  • Advertising for Go stand
  • Advertising posters for clubs to adapt
  • Pedagogy

  • The rules
  • Go levels
  • Guide for initiation in Go
  • Guide for Go Club animation
  • Useful material

  • Kifus
  • Older documents

  • Older printable documents:
    • General advice for initiation
    • Why and how to become a member of Belgian Go Federation
    • Notebook with a general presentation of the game (color printing is very expensive, distribute cautiously)
    • Form to fill with the names of the beginners you taught
    • Rules in French and Dutch (also available separately)
  • Available promotional material (on demand)

    • magnetic goban (big 19*19 board and small 9*9 board)
    • 9*9 (front) - 13*13 (back) goban
    • 9*9 goban out of paperboard (to be freely given)
    • exercices cards
    • business cards
    • Chinese paintings to decorate
    • laptop, beamer and screen: only if the board of administration decides the place is secure enough

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