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Belgian Baduk Cafe

Discord link here ! (updated/checked 2021 oct)
The place to meet Belgian Go players. Open for everyone whatever your club, also for players who are not members of the Belgian Go Federation.

List of Go clubs

IMPORTANT: If you don't get an answer when you try to contact a club (club responsible are sometimes in holidays too...), then please contact info@gofed.be mentioning which club you wish to join.


Place :  The Playground
Hoofdkerkstraat 7
2000 Antwerp
Playing times :  Thursday at 20:00
Email :  club_antwerpen@gofed.be
Website :  http://goclubantwerpen.be


Place :  Café Donquichotte De La Dendre
Rue de France 38
7800 Ath
Playing times :  Wednesday à 20:15
Email :  club_ath@gofed.be
Website :  https://www.facebook.com/groups/jeudegohainaut
Extra info :  This club plays in Ath, Tournai and Mons.
1) Ath: Café Donquichotte De La Dendre, Rue de France 38
2) Tournai : Café Au Dé Botté, Vieux marché aux poteries 2a
OGS: group 'Jeu de Go Hainaut (Club Ath)' (Wednesday)
Invite Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/UnjBdZ6

Brugge (new contact point 2022)

Place :  Somewhere in West Flanders or Internet
Playing times :  only a contact point for the moment - on appointment
Email :  club_brugge@gofed.be

Bruxelles/Brussel : Le Pantin

Place :  (Mon) Le Pantin, Chaussée d'Ixelles 355
(Sat) La Brocante, Rue Blaes, 170
1050 Ixelles (Mo) / 1000 Bruxelles (Sa)
Playing times :  Monday 17:00-21:00 / Saturday: 16:00-21:00
Email :  club_pantin@gofed.be
Extra info :  KGS: room 'Le Pantin' - OGS: group 'Club le Pantin'
Invite Discord https://discord.gg/Ur37hrM

Bruxelles/Brussel : Phenix Go Club

Place :  (Thu) Outpost Game Center
(Sat) Librairie Assoc. Belgique-Chine
(Thu) 1000 BXL / (Sat)1030 Schaerbeek
Playing times :  (Thu) 19h-23h / (Saturday)14h-18h
Email :  club_phenix@gofed.be
Website :  https://bruxellesgoclubphenix.wordpress.com/
Extra info :  (Thu) Rue de la Tribune 8 (Sat) Avenue Paul Deschanel 92 OGS: group 'Bruxelles - Phenix' (just contact the admin) - Invite Discord 'PhenixGoClub' https://discord.gg/RgasPnBsb3

Club de Go de la Ligue Braille Bruxelles

Place :  Rue d'Angleterre 57 - 1060 Saint-Gilles
Playing times :  For blind/visually impaired. Usually 2nd and 4th wednesday of each month 14:00 to 16:00
Email :  bib@braille.be
Website :  https://www.braille.be/fr

Gents Go Genootschap

Place :  The Outpost
Ottergemsesteenweg 13
9000 Gent
Playing times :  Tuesday at 19:00
Email :  club_gent@gofed.be
Website :  http://www.gentgo.be

Go Club Hasselt (inactive)

Place :  Café De Linck
Maastrichterstraat 107
3500 Hasselt
Playing times :  inactive
Email :  club_hasselt@gofed.be


Place :  Cafe Sport
Martelarenplein 13
3000 Leuven
Playing times :  Tuesdays at 20:15
Email :  club_leuven@gofed.be
Website :  http://www.goclubleuven.be/
Extra info :  KGS: room 'Leuven Go Club'
Communication via Discord, ask for invite in the KGS room.


Place :  Le Toussaint
Rue Ernest de Bavière 1
4020 Liège
Playing times :  Thursday at 18:30
Email :  club_liege@gofed.be
Website :  http://www.goliege.be


Place :  Café Altérez-Vous
Place des Brabançons 6A
1348 Louvain-La-Neuve
Playing times :  Tuesday at 20:30
Email :  club_lln@gofed.be


Place :  Aux 3D - Board Game Café
1, Abbé Joseph André Square
5000 Namur
Playing times :  Monday from 19:00 on
Email :  club_namur@gofed.be
Website :  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1488466071453836

Saint Niklaas (inactive)

Place :  shop "Brood en Spelen" at Stationsstraat
Playing times :  inactive
Email :  club_stniklaas@gofed.be