Federation activities

What does the Belgian Go Federation ?

The Belgian Go Federation, a non-profit organization, promotes and organizes Go activities in Belgium.

In other words, the Belgian Go Federation is the tool by which Go related activities in Belgium are organized.

The BGF offers several services to its members.
Concretely, the BGF...

  • support Go activities in Belgium by providing material and assistance to clubs, also in educational institutions
  • promotes Go in various publications and in festivals (initiation stands)
  • organizes various competitions - generally free of charge but only for members
  • organizes the interclubs tournament
  • maintains the rating list (only members are published)
  • organizes go lectures given by strong players
  • organizes once a year a go weekend and from time to time, some other Go workshops.
  • publishes more or less regularly Newsletters or the BelGo magazine, keeping you up to date with what is happening in the Belgian Go-scene
  • is the contact point for every Go related activities in Belgium, also within the European Go Federation