European pro qualification tournament

This year, a 6th European professional player will be selected by a qualifying tournament in which about (*) the 16 best - amateur, of course - European players take part.

(*) some are missing: the Mitic brothers, Fionin, Debarre,...

It is a knock-out tournament with "2 lives" for the 3 first round (after, normal K-O).

The 3 first rounds are played in Wien on 15+16/06 and the 3 final rounds in Czechia on 13+14/07...

Results here:

PS: the favorites: Kravets, Le Calvé, Podpera, Pop.

Update: the quarter finals are:
Oscar Vazquez, the young Spanish rising star 14 years old and big surprise of this qualifying tournament will play Rob Van Zeijst (55 ans, European champion in... 1981 (!), 1990 and 1993

You find a detailed survey here: