Youth and Student Belgian Championship

Youth and Student Belgian Championship

General information about the tournament



All 2013 members of the BGF under 20 and students members under 29.
Please read details in the "general information"

Tournament format

6 rounds Swiss System without handicap
1 hour per player + 15 stones for 5 minutes
Komi: 6.5
The number of rounds might be shorter if needed (ex: if it happens to be only 6 players we can play a 5-rounds Round-Robin championship).


The tournament will be played on KGS on several dates. The schedule will be announced later depending on the number of participants.

Online registration

Registered players

Former winners

Older Results

no longer organized after 2011 (no competitor, or only one)
6. 2011
5. 2010
4. 2009
3. 2008
2. 2007
1. 2006