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The reports page is now available for members. It contains the report of board and general assembly.

Belgian Championship finals 2008

Jan Ramon won the Belgian Championship ahead of Alain Wettach and Nelis Vets.
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1st Antwerp Go Tournament

26/27 April the Antwerp Go Club organises its first Open Tournament on the same location as the preliminaries of the Belgian Championship.
More information here.

You can register online here.

Belgian Championship finals 2008

On March 1st and March 2nd, the first 5 rounds of the Belgian Championship were played. More details...

The last four rounds will be played in two weeks (14-15/3). More details will follow.

18th Leuven tournament

The photographs of the 18th Leuven tournament are now available in the galleries

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18th Leuven tournament

The 18th Leuven tournament was won by Say Boon Ng before Nelis Vets and Jan Ramon. Read more

The 4th European Go Oza Title Match

Jan Ramon represented Belgium for The 4th European Go Oza Title Match which was held from 31 January to 3 February in Amsterdam. He scored 2/4, beating one 5-dan. You can find the results here: The 3 European representative in the next world Oza cup will be: Alexander Dinerstein, RU, 3-p Ilya Shikchin, RU, 7-d Cristian Pop, RO, 7-d

Mind sport games in China

Colocated with the Olympic games, the World mind sport games will be organised in China, including Go as a discipline. Click for more info on Belgian delegation.

Korean student & Ambassador's cup

A Korean student (who is a strong baduk player) is interested in studying in Belgium for one year. We are looking for accomodation. Any suggestions for free or cheap accomodation in a university city would be very appreciated. This would be a nice opportunity to have a strong go teacher.

This year the BGF and the Korean embassy in Belgium will jointly organize a tournament called "Korean Ambassador's Cup" to directly select the Belgian representative at the Korean Prime Minister Cup, to be held in October in Korea. More details will follow.