Made In Asia

On the 14-15th of March was standing the "Made in Asia" convention, at Brussels Expo. The BGF had a 27m^2 stand to hold. Only four people had a badge and stayed the both days, but additionnal players (we were maybe 8) came to help them taking care of all the "eager young minds" requesting to learn Go.

On the Saturday : it took half an hour to people to come, then we've quickly been saturated with people, during almost all the day.
On the Sunday : There were a very few less people at the convention, and we were only 5 to ensure the teaching, but the stand remained full most of the time.

Most of people came in couple, had heard about the game thanks to Hikaru no Go. Some were attracted by the magnetic giant goban, and had no idea what game was it.

The mood was relaxed, we have 10 people interested by a "beginner session" to contact. A lot more seemed enthousiastic about the game, and will probably talk about it around, which is a good publicity for the game.

Special thanks to Cedric Declerfayt who brang the gear to the convention, and to Jean-Denis Hennebert who came to bring it back on the Sunday evening.

Daniel French

You can find pictures here.