Belgian blitz championship (15 min pp) ON LINE

26/11/2023 - 14:00
26/11/2023 - 19:00

Sunday 26 November - starting time: 2 PM finish time about 6:30 PM


On-line on OGS server or KGS (if you prefer)
Organisation via Discord, Belgian Go Federation server
15 minutes sudden death.
handicap - 2 (taking the last available rating in points rating into consideration; thus: rounded delta minus 200)

7 rounds swiss, or round-robin if less than 8 participants

Conditions de participation - deelname voorwaarden

Etre membre de la Fédération Belge de Go. Inscription gratuite. (remarque: seule une personne de nationalité belge peut être désignée "Champion de Belgique blitz").
Lid van de Belgische Go Federatie zijn. Geen inschrijvingskosten (opmerking: enkel personen die de Belgische nationaliteit hebben, kunnen "Belgisch Kampioen blitz" worden).

Registration Form

NEW: the registered players who are members of the BGF (sorry for the others, who are not allowed to play this tournament) will be contacted by e-mail Sunday 26/11 at 1 PM with the link to the organisational page (on Discord).

Deadline registration: Sunday 26/11 at 11 AM.