30/06/2023 - 19:49
01/09/2023 - 00:00

Dear Go players,

We need and wanted to have a new Belgian Go Federation site with modern design and new features because we think you deserve it. :) Sadly, the existing project failed, mostly for technical reasons, without concrete results, so sadly you haven't seen anything of it despite all the good work done. :(

But for the future of Go in Belgium the Federation site is very important to communicate about our hobby. So the project is started again.

Therefore, if you have good knowledge in IT development and especially web technologies and are ready to invest a good amount of time as volunteer for the creation of the new Belgian Go Federation site you are very welcome !
Please contact the board or phone us (see contact page) as soon as possible.

In details, we want to have a running new site by the end of this year, focusing primarily on the core needs. We search for free volunteers but we may also contribute financially for legitimate costs or if it's worth it (pros are also welcome but for your information: we are not wealthy).
In practice, the board will check the different proposals and ideas and discuss comparatively to our needs - with the aim preferably to gather the different volunteers around definite tasks. Within the next weeks a decision will be made to clarify which ideas are chosen and who could do what. The aim is to start the project by the end of summer.

Many thanks !

UPDATE AUGUSTUS 2023: Development of new Gofed site has started. Still possible to join the team of developers.

See below technical and functional requirements: