CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS TO PROMOTE GO - Amazing Asia Festival - various cities in Flanders

09/06/2023 - 00:00
24/09/2023 - 23:59

We have been cordially invited by the Amazing Asia Festival to manage a Go stand.

This festival will take place in different cities in Flanders:
- Hasselt: 9-10-11 June, Japanse tuin
- Antwerpen: 23-24-25 June, Konijnenweide
- Leuven: 7-8-9 July, Voetbalstadium OHL
- Gent: 25-26-27 August, Arsenaalsite
- Vilvoorde: 8-9-10 September, Park 3 fonteinen
- Laakdal: 22-23-24 September, Domein De Vesten

Amazing Asia bring the "full Asian experience" to Belgium. There is streetfood, artists and performers, a market/fair with packed food, toys, collectibles, clothes, workshops, Thai massages,...

If interested to volunteer promote go, simply contact "hi I'm interested to come to the Amazing Asia Festival..."

Note: We would be present at these festivals only if there are enough volunteers.
See also list of volunteers in this page: