Japan Expo Belgium

The Belgian Go Federation was present at the Japan Expo Belgium on Nov. 4th-6th. It was great, there were many people eager to learn Go, and we distributed about 400 leaflets with Go clubs addresses; we hope to have as many new players!

The place was very noisy and busy; teaching Go is not easy when the players can't even sit and the teacher can't talk louder than the Japanese drums. We invite all interested players to join the nearest club or try KGS to play online. Note: there is a small mistake in the papers, the club organizing lessons for beginners is located in 1083 Ganshoren (not 1038). More info on the clubs page.

Dear new players, don't try to buy hundreds of books to get started. Don't even watch Hikaru again. Just play, play many many games, and you'll become very strong soon. Good luck!