Coming soon: 37th edition of the Brussels Tournament (28+29/10)

28/10/2023 - 00:59
29/10/2023 - 16:59

!! The Brussels tournament is THE biggest tournament in Belgium !!!

Where ? In the premises of the Chinese-Belgium Association Av. Paul Deschanel 92, 1030 Schaerbeek - a very nice place 20 mn from the center of Brussels. (same place as last year)

Tournament format

Five rounds MacMahon without handicap; Timing: 1 hour per player + byo-yomi: 15 stones for 5 minutes; Komi: 6.5

NB: Christopher Annachachibi (2d) will be present to comment your game (free of charge).

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Registration form:

!! Register as soon as you can: the premises of the tournament can host a maximum of 70 players !!

Registered players (as on 25/09)
Still 42 places available

Guillaume Léo 14K
Philippe Tranchida 2k
Louis Baudaux 1K
Kenny Debacq 4K
Guy Dusausoy 5k
Eon Serge 3k
Gaëtan de Menten 10k
Sven Cuyt 2d
Frank Segers 4k
French Daniel 5k
Victor Schneider 1k
Léon Groenemeijer 3k
Gerry Gavigan 9k
Jonathan Decembry 7k
Adrien Mansy 25k
Andreas Götzfried 4d
Thi Thu Huyen Tran 12k
Sergiu Dan Iugulescu 3 Dan
Xin Shu 5Dan
Brévière Lionel 5K
Baijot Eric 8K
Aveaux Matthieu 2 dan
Didier Lesesvre 4k
Leplat Franck 2kyu
Durbec Amélia 7k
Guillaume Roux 1d