Preliminaries 2023 Belgian Championship

11/03/2023 - 10:00
12/03/2023 - 18:00

The preliminaries rounds of the Belgian championship will be organised on the WE 11+12/03/2023 in the
"Association Belgique-Chine" Av. Paul Deschanel 92, 1030 BRUXELLES Schaerbeek

The preliminaries are open to all members of the Belgian Go Federation, and registration is free of charge. Note that this tournament is rated, just like any other big Belgian tournament, so it is a great opportunity to play serious games in a competitive environment!

Japanese rules with 6.5 komi
1 hour main time followed by Canadian Byo-yomi of 20 stones in 5 minutes.
All games are played without handicap.
For a detailed list of rules for the Belgian championship in Dutch/French, please refer to this page.

In this tournament the 4 best placed players qualify for the Belgian Championship Finals. They will join the 4 best placed players from the finals of the previous year:
1. Yong Sen Huang (1d)
2. Sven Cuyt (2d)
3. Thomas Connor (4d)
4. Gints Engelen (1k)

Registration form: click here

Registered players:
Guillaume De Keijser 5k

Depending on the number of registered players, the tournament director might decide to decrease the total number of rounds played.
Do note that if you decide to participate, you are required to play all rounds.